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Meet our staff

President, Roger Dale Polston, P.E. #33222

Education:      Sebring High School 1970
                     South Florida Junior College 1972
                     University of Florida--Bachelor of Science in
                    Civil Engineering 1976
                    University of Florida--Master of Engineering 1977

Experience:    Dale began working for C.A. Peterson, Inc. in August 1978. His job experience includes all projects listed under company qualifications. Dale is a current member in the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Water Works Association.  He was appointed by the Highlands County Board of Commissioners to serve on the Land Development Regulation Task Force, which was established to develop and review regulations for implementing the Highlands County Comprehensive Plan.
Email:             dale@polstonengineering.com

Marvin L. Wolfe, P.E. # 46030

Education:      Sebring High School 1979
                        South Florida Junior College 1982
                        University of Florida--Bachelor of Science in
                       Civil Engineering 1986

Experience:    Worked for a family owned computer store as salesman and programmer for several months following graduation and has extensive computer experience since 1978. Marvin began working for C.A. Peterson of Highlands County in February of 1987 and transferred to Polston Engineering, Inc. full time in 1991.  He has worked on a wide variety of surveying and engineering jobs as detailed in the corporation experience record. Marvin became a professional engineer in September 1992 and is a member of ASCE.

Email:             marvin@polstonengineering.com

Engineer Intern:

Drew Jones

Education:      Sebring High School 2003
                     South Florida Community College 2005
                     University of Central Florida--Bachelor of Science in
                    Civil Engineering 2008

Experience:    Drew began working for Polston Engineering Inc., in 2008 following his graduation from UCF. He has worked on a number of engineering jobs from site design to wastewater reclamation modeling, with some depicted in the corporation work experience record. Drew is currently working towards becoming a professional engineer.

           Email:             drew@polstonengineering.com

Environmental Soil Scientist:

Lew Carter, Environmental Soil Scientist

Education:      Associate of Science, Rhode Island Junior College, 1973 Bachelor of Science, Natural Resource Development, University of Rhode Island, 1975--Soil Science Institute University of Florida, 1984

Area of Experience:  Soil Classification, Soil Survey, Hydric Soil Determinations, Wetland Delineation, Seasonal High Water Tables, Physical and Chemical Analysis of Soil

Professional Experience:       Staff Soil Scientist, USDA Soil Conservation Service, 1981-1989 Florida, in the following counties: Martin, Lee, Charlotte, Hendry, and Indian River; Project Leader, USDA Soil Conservation Service, 1981-1989, Soil Surveys of Highlands, Glades and Okeechobee Counties; Resource Soil Scientist, USDA Soil Conservation Service,
1989-1994, Highlands County, Florida; Staff Soil Scientist, Polston Engineering, Inc., 1994-Present

Registration/Affiliations:       Certified Professional Soils Scientist, American Registry of   Certified Professionals in Agronomy, Crops and Soils, 1992 No. 3474; Florida Association of Professional Soil Classifiers, 1978-1993--President, Florida Association of Environmental Soil Scientists, 1993-1994

Email:             lew@polstonengineering.com


Michael J. Walker, draftsman, engineering technician/designer

Education:      Lyman High School, Longwood Florida 1970, A.A. degree from South Florida Junior College 1983.

Experience:    J.H. Manucy-land surveyor in Orlando-1974 and 1975.
Self employed from 1975 to 1979.
Mike began working for C.A. Peterson, Inc. in 1979 managing a field crew. Mike began drafting in 1981 and continued with the company to Polston Engineering, Inc. in 1991.  Mike has worked on a wide variety of surveying and engineering jobs as detailed in the corporation experience page.
Email:             mike@polstonengineering.com

Administrative staff:

Mindi Springsteen, clerical work, administrative assistant

Education:      Sebring High School 1997.

Email:             mindi@polstonengineering.com
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